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Turning a company trademark into a work of ART is at the core of who we are at HexHead.  Our custom art program takes your logo to a whole new level by using our creative expertise to build a unique 3D design complete with vintage color fades, textured finishes and layers upon layers to make your brand come alive.  Our customers are not looking for a “sign,” they want a conversation piece,something that makes the viewer stop and look, they want an art piece that is well thought and built with a purpose.

It starts with a vision.

The vision for your project is created cooperatively, we want to know about your space, your company history, and your thoughts about the project.  We then get to work combining artistic elements to bring your mark to life, merging your vision with ours. Submit a file of your company logo below and we will send you some ideas and priceing to get started turning your brand into a 3D work of ART!

how it works

How it's made


Once you submit your artwork our creative minds hit the ground running as all brands lend themselves to multiple options when it comes to how to build it and what materials will look the best.  It might be that you want a vintage vibe with rusted steel, antique bolts and charred reclaimed wood.  It could be that you want aluminum with textured paints mixed to your company PMS codes with candy fades and multiple layers.  Or maybe you have a clean, modern mark and you want pan broken lines, slick metallic colors and angled geometry.  Or maybe mix some elements to create a one-of-a-kind version of your logo.  We happen to be pretty good at all of the above and we love being creative.  Once you place your order we will design and render some options for your approval.  Not only is your input welcomed, it’s necessary for the success of the project.

Minimum Size

12 Square feet

The minimum size for our artwork is 12 square feet, but that can be accomplished in several ways. As a single art piece, some common sizes are 72" x 24", 44" x 44", 60" x 30" or 84" x 21."   But you can also hit the minimum by ordering multiples of the same design, i.e. 2 pieces at 36" x 24" would also meet our minimum size. Once you submit your artwork we will let you know all of the size options to fill your project needs.

Total Projects per Year

120 Projects

Quality and attention to detail are job one at Hex Head, so we limit the number of custom projects to make certain that each customer gets our very best effort. We only build 120 custom projects each year and we are currently booked until FEBRUARY 2024. Don't delay, our custom schedule is typically booked 2-3 months in advance.

Starting Price


Projects start at $1,995 plus shipping, but the price depends on the complexity of design, the type of media we use as well as size.  Click below for a free quote and analysis of your project. Freight is figured separately.

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Please Note: The minimum size for custom projects is 12 square feet, and pricing starts at $1,995. You will need to supply VECTOR AI Files.
If Illustrator Files are not available, additional design fees may apply.